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Share The Joy!

Farmers Market

“In the early morning hours, long before you wake, there are people already hard at work…”




"Farmers Market, Share the Joy!" is a vibrant and engaging book that explores the bustling world of farmers markets. This inspiring book highlights the variety of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and unique crafts at farmers markets. This book is a celebration of the importance of community, the joy of sharing, and the benefits of supporting local farmers and artisans. Educating children and adults alike about where their food comes from, the value of fresh, local produce, and the joys of eating healthily and sustainably. Community spirit and the simple pleasures of farm-to-table living are at the heart of this beautiful book.

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Kind Words


"Nicely written and designed, this book shares the pleasure of taking kids or grandkids to the local Farmers' Market. My favorite 3-year-old happily pointed out favorite and not-so-favorite foods and giggled at length about the petting zoo.”

"Farmers Market is an attractive book for children that shows and tells the goodness of buying and trading goods from local farms and ranches. Nicely illustrated and with large text... each page is an invitation for readers to continue. Farmers Market belongs in the children’s section of every library and the library of every child’s school.”

"A wonderful guide for children who already know about farmers markets to help better appreciate these events. At the same time, it opens the door of discovery of the markets to those who have not yet experienced a visit. Presented in a tone that is fun and educational; not “teachy”.



Michele Rugo is an educator and writer who volunteers promoting farmers markets and the importance of school and community gardens. She makes her home in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California with her husband, a Boston Terrier named Gracie, and an abundance of birds and wildlife which regularly visit her garden.

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"A wonderfully written, beautifully presented, and most pertinent offering for our times. An invaluable primer meant to infuse young minds with an enduring love and respect for everything locally grown and created.”



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